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Syringe-driven Filters, 0.22 um, PVDF

INR 20000.00 / Case (Tax not included)
Price in USD (For global offers): 275.00
Product Id: 00030
Offered By: TechnoConcept India Pvt Ltd
  • Rating: 0 out of 5
  05 Jul, 2021 12:00 am
  Category : Laboratory, Plasticware, Disposable Plasticware
  Product Location : India, Delhi, New Delhi, 110003
  Country Of Origin : China
Model : FPV-203-030
Electrical Rating : None
Condition : Not used since bought
Accessories : Accessories not applicable
Spares : Spares not applicable
Purchase Date : 07-07-2015
Product Age : 6 Years
Dimension : 40 X 10 X 18 CM
Where To Sell : Anywhere in the world
Product Owner Status : First Owner
Product Inspection : Can provide live video
Shipping : We can arrange shipping but buyer will pay
Qty to be Sold : 2 Cases
Qty Condition: Buyer can buy quantity by their choice
After Sales Service Status : Service Not Applicable
Weight : 8 Kgs
Warranty : No Warranty
Warranty Period (Months) : --
Payment Preferance : 100% advance payment

Product Specific Instruction

Items being provided are expired and are not sterile. Therefore, these are not recommended to use in R&D experiments, however are good to use for demo, training or educational purpose or use where sterility is not of concern. 

Product Description

  • Syringe Driven Filters
  • Housing Dia 30 mm
  • PVDF Membrane
  • 30 Filters / Box
  • 12 Boxes / Case
  • 360 Filters / Case


Product Specification

Syringe Driven Filters
Housing Dia 30 mm
PVDF Membrane
30 Filters / Box
12 Boxes / Case
360 Filters / Case

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