What does OLabX do?

OLabX is the platform which you can list your used hospital equipment for sell and refurbished with medical, scientific or industrial equipments. You may also run the bidding on our platform to get the best value of your products.

Can I sell new equipment on OLabX

No, you can only sell, buy, Rent or donate old, used and refurbished equipment of medical or industrial and scientific lab equipment supplies.

How much brokerage OLabX charge to sell any equipment?

OLabX doesnt charge any brokearge or mediation charges. OLabX charge only for the listing under its premium and professional plans. Basic plan is free. OLabX also facilitates bidding under its offered plans. 

Does OLabX charge for equipments for donation also?

OLabX offers free listing under its basic plan, however, OLabX charge for listing under its premium and professional plans.

Can I sell my used equipment in global market?

OLabX facilitates you to make your offers to sell, Buy, Rent or Donate old, used and refurbishe products any where in the world, however, it is upto buyer to decide to buy from you as per his/her ineterest and the country specific regulations.

Does OLabX verify or recommend any seller or equipment?

OLabX doesn't recommend or verify any seller or equipment. It is purely buyers' responsibility to make the due diligenece before making any decision to purchase. OLabX doesn't owe any responsibility towards any sale or purchase of equipement through its website.

What is featured listing?

Products under featured listing are covered under  professional plan.

Can OLabX disapprove my listing?

Yes, OLabX reserves the right to disapprove or delist the product if it is inappropriate, irrelevent unlawful or unjust as per the policies of the website.

What will happen to my money which I have paid for listing and my listing gets unapproved?

If your listing gets unapproved, then amount you have paid towrds the listing of products will be returned into your wallet on our website which can be used for future listing by you. Amount will not be returned to your bank account. 

Can a Seller buy from other Seller

Yes, A Seller can buy  the products listed by any other Seller. A Seller when register can become buyer also with the same login credentials. However, a buyer can not login as seller automatically. 

How can I use the Escrow account from www.escrow.com?

www.escrow.com is one of the leading and reputed company providing escrow service to the buyers and sellers as per their own guidelines and regulations. Buyer and Seller have to register directly with them and OlabX doesnt have any role in this process. 

How can I sell a bunch of my products through bidding process?

Bidding is a special module develeped at OlabX to facilaite sellers if they wish to sell their products through the process of bidding. This is completely anonymous can be run on global level. Please read our blog        in detail to understand complete process of bidding for sellers and buyers. 

How does peer to peer chat functions?

Peer to peer chat windows help the buyers and sellers to communicate instatntly on the specific product of their ineterst. They may exchange additional information required by login to their respective accounts. Any promotional or inappropriate chat is inhibited by the website regulators. 

How can I advertise my products on your website?

You may advertise your products or your products listed on OlabX or bid you are running to get a better response from the visitor s and their participations. We offer various plans which can be purchased for your advertisements. 

Hw can I use promo codes and wallet offerings from OLabX?

OLabX offers promo codes from time to time to attract sellers to list their products on our website which give discounts in listing and at certain events OLabX offer deposit money in the wallet of users who have signed up and wish to list their products on our webiste. promo codes and money in wallet are the parts of OLabX promotional strategies. 

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