Pandemic, lab-work and the “new normal”

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The world was brought to a startling halt with the emergence of COVID-19 causing Sars-Cov-2 in the beginning of 2020. Like small businesses, academic labs with replete funding have been the hardest hit. Now with the second wave of virus gushing across the globe, newer lockdown rules, no treatment or vaccine in sight yet – these labs continue to suffer the consequences.

The lockdown rules now demand for fewer personnel to be working at once, while at the same
time limiting surface transmission by following extensive sanitization protocols. Thus there is an ever increasing demand for laboratory supplies, equipments and instruments in research
laboratories that allow for accommodation such protocols. However, with the crashdown on
the economies of the world and academic funding cuts in place – there is only so much money
to fulfil some of those needs!


There is now an ardent need to promote collaborations and support each other – for cancer,
autoimmunity, diabetes, influenza, blood disorders and so many other diseases still need to be


OlabX aims to provide the support that such labs need, especially in a crisis like this. With a
platform like this, it is now possible to sell, rent or donate old and used lab equipments to those
who need them the most! With minor repairs and sanitization protocols in place, old instruments can be dazzled up and put to great use. This not only makes way for long lasting
collaborations but also helps you earn some return on the investment you put for the
instrument! Moreover, this is safe for the environment too!


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