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Stem Alcohol Thermometer

INR 6000.00 / Box (Tax not included)
Price in USD (For global offers): 100.00
Product Id: 00085
Offered By: TechnoConcept India Pvt Ltd
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  08 Jan, 2022 12:00 am
  Category : Medical, General Practice, Thermometers
  Product Location : India, Delhi, New Delhi, 110003
  Country Of Origin : India
Make : Unbranded
Model : OM1
Electrical Rating : None
Condition : Stock Liquidation
Accessories : Accessories not applicable
Spares : Spares not applicable
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Product Age : 2 Years
Dimension : 0 X 0 X 0
Where To Sell : Anywhere in the world
Product Owner Status : First Owner
Product Inspection : Open for physical inspection
Shipping : We can arrange shipping but buyer will pay
Qty to be Sold : 200 Boxes
Qty Condition: Buyer can buy quantity by their choice
After Sales Service Status : Service Not Applicable
Weight : 2 Kgs
Warranty : Seller's Warranty
Warranty Period (Months) : 6
Payment Preferance : 100% advance payment

Product Specific Instruction

Stock created in excess and lying for liquidation. 50 pcs / Box

Product Description

Stem Alcohol Thermometer is used in Vaccine Imunisation Program for staorage and transportation of vaccine vials in Cold Boxes,  ILR and Deep Freezer. Compliant with WHO guidelines. 50 pcs / Box


Product Specification

50 pcs / Box


Power Source None
Temperature Range and Accuracy Upper Limit:  +50 degC
  Lower Limit: -30 degC
Accuracy plus/minus 1degC
Scale Markings Easily readable with a minimum space of 1 mm between each line
  Long Lines with number for each 10 deg C
Safe Zone  For range 0 - 8 deg C and 15 - 25 deg with green colour bar. 
Max Relative Humidity 90%
Casing Specifications Non-Corrodible, Sealed mechanism
Vibration Test Vibration Test Compliant
Construction The Glass Column must be protected against breakage and strongly supported 

The column can not be displaced more than 0.5 mm vertically with respect to the scale.


The reading angles between 80/100 to the plane of the support plate. 

Mounting Specification Hook to suspend from shelf or adhesive.

Used inside refrigerators or freezers in health centres. Can also be packed with vaccines during transportation. 

Packing 50 pcs / Box

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