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Trifluoro Acetic Acid, 1Kg, Bottle

INR 2500.00 / Pack (Tax not included)
Price in USD (For global offers): 50.00
Product Id: 00074
Offered By: TechnoConcept India Pvt Ltd
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  06 Jan, 2022 12:00 am
  Category : Stock Liquidation, Chemicals, Lab Chemicals
  Product Location : India, Delhi, New Delhi, 110003
  Country Of Origin : United States
Make : Chem-Impex
Model : Analytical
Electrical Rating : None
Condition : Not used since bought
Accessories : Accessories not available
Spares : Spares not applicable
Purchase Date : 11-12-2012
Product Age : 8 Years
Dimension : 60 X 30 X 60 Inch
Where To Sell : Within my country
Product Owner Status : First Owner
Product Inspection : No additional information
Shipping : Buyer make own arrangement to pick-up
Qty to be Sold : 30 Packs
Qty Condition: Buyer can buy quantity by their choice
After Sales Service Status : Service Not Applicable
Weight : 35 Kgs
Warranty : No Warranty
Warranty Period (Months) : --
Payment Preferance : 100% advance payment

Product Specific Instruction

The TFA lot of all bottles were imported for Peptide Synthesis, packed under nitrogen and since then lying as unopened bottles. As per our knowledge, TFA can be distilled and used after quality testing, if required. 

Product Description

Trifluoroacetic Acid, Analytical grade, 1Kg Bottle, 

Product Specification

Specifications as per attached Certifcate of Analysis (CoA)

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Trifluoro Acetic Acid,...

INR 2500.00

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